A Family History of Soil Testing

The SoilKit story begins more than a century ago, when our partner, the Woerner Family, first began farming US soils.

The family knew from the start that understanding the composition of their soil was the best and surest path to success. They have been testing their soils for decades because they recognize this is the only way to know precisely what amendments the soil needs for optimal crop growth.

As the years went by and the Woerner operation grew to become one of the largest producers of sod in the nation, the rest of the industry adopted this science-driven approach.

In fact, the US Department of Agriculture today recommends that homeowners test their lawns or gardens at least once a year‚—not only to improve outcomes but also to protect our environment from the overapplication of certain fertilizers.

It’s a simple idea, but a powerful one. Dig underneath to learn your soil story.

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How Soil Kit Got Created. 

Our founder, Christina McInnis, grew up on the Woerner family farm. At an early age, she would accompany her grandmother to the family’s garden centers, where she saw firsthand how homeowners were unhappy with their lawns and gardens.

As Christina grew up, she started working in the stores herself and was surprised to see that most customers had never learned the lesson her family had practiced for decades—the vital importance of soil testing.

But when Christina walked customers through the complex process of getting a soil test done by their local extension office, she began to understand the problem. Truly scientific soil testing was laborious. Complicated. And time-consuming. Although it was one of the keys to the success of her family’s now-massive agricultural operation, it was just too much for the average homeowner to take on.

Christina realized that something had to be done. And voila! SoilKit was born.

Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Christina Woerner McInnis


Christina Woerner McInnis is the CEO and founder of AgriTech Corp. and a major shareholder in Woerner Family Companies, one of the largest sod producers in the country. 
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Clint Casey

Project Manager

Clint Casey joined AgriTech in January of 2021 to provide the company project management support around major technology initiatives both inside the company and with its partners.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Johanna Rogers

Training Director

Johanna Rogers serves as Training Director for AgriTech. With more than 20 years of experience, Johanna has exceptional platform development and course design skills.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

John Buckner


John Buckner joined AgriTech Corp. in January of 2020 as its Chief Operating Officer to help guide and grow its soil testing technology platform, SoilKit.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Kyle Stewart

Regional Sales Manager

Kyle Stewart is the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for AgriTech Corp. Kyle now covers Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida and will be responsible for the BWI distribution centers in Memphis, Greenville and Apopka.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Molly Davis

Account Executive

Molly Davis joined AgriTech Corp. in February of 2020 as an Account Executive. Molly is an experienced professional in training, mentoring, and developing staff in consumer-focused operations.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Stephanie Matthews

Regional Sales Manager

Stephanie Matthews serves as the Mid-South Regional Sales Manager for AgriTech Corp. She covers Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas and will be responsible for working with the BWI representatives associated with the Meridian and Springfield distribution centers.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Yvonne Chadick

Office Manager

Yvonne brings more than 30 years of office administrative experience and a desire to continue learning to the SoilKit office. She has a BS in Business and Office Administration from Athens State University and a strong work ethic taught by two loving parents.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Mohammad Al-Abdullah

SVP Engineering

Mohammad Al-Abdullah is the SVP of Engineering at AgriTech Corp. Mohammad started his career as a developer of kiosk software, and since then has worked for large and small companies, on a variety of technologies including building operating systems, green tech, telecom, and others.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Mike Murphy

Sales Manager

Mike Murphy joined AgriTech in January of 2019 and serves as Business Analyst and Manager of the Distributor/Garden Center Sales Channel. Prior to AgriTech, Mike owned and operated a regional foodservice brokerage business and started up several food manufacturing and distribution businesses.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

George Woerner


George Woerner is the Chairman of AgriTech Corp. George has supported his daughter, Christina Woerner McInnis, in her creation of SoilKit since its inception in late 2018. George not only provides guidance to the AgriTech management team but has been instrumental in securing seed capital for the business’s development and growth.
Meet Our SoilKit Experts

Brady Gaither

Regional Sales Manager

Brady Gaither joins the AgriTech Corp. sales team as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager covering Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and North Carolina.

About AgriTech Corp.

AgriTech Corp. is a software company based in Foley, AL. The company’s flagship product, SoilKit, offers consumers, landscapers, and other organizations a technology platform that automates the entire soil testing process. SoilKit facilitates fast and easy soil collection and kit registration using an easy-to-use mobile application with satellite technology and scanning tools. Lab results are available within 48 hours of receipt and afer being processed through the company’s proprietary algorithm are delivered digitally with actionable and easily understood soil amendment recommendations. AgriTech sells its products directly to consumers through its website and on Amazon and also through hundreds of garden centers via a large network of distributors. The technology helps improve outcomes for homeowners with lawns and gardens, food plot managers, and hobby farmers while protecting the environment from the overapplication of fertilizer. Along the way, the company is gathering highly valuable data on global soils that it can share with its retailer partners and researchers around the world.


A healthy lawn or garden starts with healthy soil.

Each SoilKit comes with a soil sample bag, pre-paid lab process fee, and a return stamped envelope for mailing your soil sample to the lab.

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