MOBILE, Ala. — Spring is just days away and the warm weather may have you getting your garden in gear! For some, that can be intimidating or even out of reach.

But, there’s a new product claiming to help with that. It’s called ‘SoilKit’ and it will be debuting on and in stores later this year.

Lowe’s recently named Christina Woerner McInnis and her product, SoilKit, as one of the top three entrepreneurs and products of the home improvement retailer’s first virtual pitch program, Making It…with Lowe’s. Hosted by Daymond John, star of Shark Tank and a New York Times best-selling author, the program invited diverse entrepreneurs to pitch their products to the home improvement company.

Woerner McInnis stopped by FOX10 News to discuss her product with News Anchor Lenise Ligon.

“As a fifth-generation farmer who understands the importance and challenges of soil testing, I wanted to create a product that would bring benefits to the everyday homeowner and to lawn and garden professionals,” said Woerner McInnis.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to have been a part of this process with the Lowe’s team and to have such an amazing mentor in Daymond John. We’re so excited to join the Lowe’s family and we can’t wait to see what we can build together.”

SoilKit is a digital soil testing platform that uses science to recommend to the user-specific products and their quantities to purchase for a healthier, greener lawn or garden. The user takes a soil sample and sends it to SoilKit’s professional agriculture lab. Then, SoilKit sends back easy-to-understand treatment recommendations in the form of expert lab reports.

In addition to earning coveted space on and in Lowe’s stores, Christina received a marketing support package, a mentoring package, and a $5,000 Lowe’s Small Business Grant.

Strong women have been the driving force behind the rise of one of Lowe’s newest offerings: SoilKit.

Created by Christina Woerner McInnis, SoilKit earned one of the top product designations in the recent “Making It With Lowe’s” event featuring Daymond John of Shark Tank and a panel of Lowe’s executives. In addition to earning coveted space online and in stores at Lowe’s, Woerner McInnis also received a marketing support package, a mentoring package with John, and a $5,000 Lowe’s small business grant.

Learn more about the journey of CEO, Christina McInnis and how she is “Making It With Lowe’s” and in business.

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Thank you Detroit Press and we look forward to helping our Detroit area and Michigan customers learn more about their soil health.

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How did Jill like testing her soil with SoilKit? Watch her video here to find out!

Farmers Literally Give Their Blood Sweat and Tears

Some of the best memories of growing up on the farm are sometimes the mischievous ones. There are also those memories of seeing your family literally work their fingers to the bones. This week we spent a few minutes with Christina Woerner McInnis and heard so many incredible tales of growing up on their family farm that has been operating for over 100 years.

Watch this stunning feature on our CEO, Christina McInnis, growing up a farmer. from Growing America.

Collecting and Submitting a Soil Analysiss

Your soil’s health is what determines the overall health of your grass and other plants. When you work from the ground up, you are ensuring superior grass quality. Fertilizing your lawn regularly is good practice to make sure your grass is getting nutrients, but what if you aren’t sure which exact nutrients your lawn may be needing at the time? For example, you may be applying an abundance of nitrogen, but you aren’t really seeing a difference in your grass quality. Or you may be noticing that grass isn’t growing as well in some areas of your lawn as others, but you aren’t sure why.

The best way to diagnose a problem before spending money and time on other solutions is to collect and submit a soil analysis on your yard. A soil analysis will inform you of all the nutrients you need in your lawn. One of the best times to conduct a soil analysis is when you are about to install new sod into your yard because it allows you to see what nutrients you may need after the installation process is finished. However, it is never a bad idea to conduct a soil analysis if you need to see what nutrients your lawn needs. This week, Sod University features a guest blog on collecting and submitting a soil analysis by the marketing and sales team of Soil Kit. Soil Kit provides you with the whole soil analysis package: they will send you a soil analysis kit that you can send in for analysis and then receive results. They will then provide you with a lab report and customized soil treatment recommendations to keep your lawn and garden healthy.

By the marketing and sales team of Soil Kit.

Are you having a problem with your lawn or garden? If so, you are not alone as up to 70 percent of homeowners reported dissatisfaction in a recent national survey. Start the solution where the problem begins: in the soil. The USDA recommends that you conduct an annual soil sample to allow for detection of soil quality and changes. Soil Kit has simplified this complicated process in a way that customers can easily and quickly conduct a soil sample and understand the results.

The lawn or garden that you see on the surface is always a product of the soil in which it grows. If the soil is nutrient balanced with proper fertility, then the lawn will be healthy and beautiful. To assure nutrient balance, correct fertility application and proper pH range, you should perform an annual professional soil test as a base for corrective action in soil chemistry and provide the environment for optimal plant health. Annual soil testing is advocated by the US Department of Agriculture. Soil Kit recommendations also eliminate the over-application of nutrients that can cause damage to our environment

Soil Kit performs this service for the homeowner with an inexpensive, user-friendly, and quick soil test system providing easy-to-understand recommendations for correcting soil and nutrient deficiencies. The analysis is done by a leading national laboratory and the recommendations are ready in seven to ten days. The lab tests for pH and includes the amount of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, boron, zinc, manganese, and iron in the soil. These are presented in a low, medium, adequate and high graphic range analysis to support the recommendations for corrective nutrient action by the homeowner. Most importantly, the recommendations are tailored to your location, time of year, size of lawn or garden, type of crop or grass, and presented in precise product and quantity recommendations.

Soil Kit is easy to use. Simply follow the directions on the bag and on our Soil Kit website:

Register your kit on
Collect soil from four areas of your lawn or garden and place it in the test bag.
Mail-in the sample bag in the postage-paid mailer.
Our leading national agricultural lab will test your soil with in-depth analysis.
Results are easy to understand and recommendations are delivered to you in your dashboard via email.
Take your report back to the store and know that you will return home with exactly what your lawn needs without more chemicals that might damage your lawn or the environment.

In discussing home sales, professional realtors always tout location and curb appeal as major contributors to a highly sellable home. While it is difficult to do anything about location, maintaining a healthy lawn is doable by the homeowner and will certainly add curb appeal and value to the home.

For more information, visit

Soil Kit differs greatly from a local extension office. Not everyone knows where their local extension office is located or has the time to visit an extension office and pay for the analysis, lab fee and shipping just to receive an analysis that’s hard to read. Soil Kit provides a quick and easy soil sample convenient to the homeowner who doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their own home. With a comprehensible analysis, users are able to understand which nutrients are missing from their lawn and are provided with solution recommendations.

Overall, a soil analysis kit can be used to test the soil to determine the health of your grass. It will help you balance your soil’s pH so that when you apply nutrients like fertilizer, your grass is able to actually absorb the nutrients. If your soil’s pH is off, nutrients won’t be properly absorbed, meaning the fertilizer you apply may be a waste of money. Discover exactly what your lawn needs so that you can have a lawn that lives up to its full potential.

Sod University offers a few other blogs that may be helpful in finding the right solution for your lawn’s nutrient needs. If your analysis comes back stating you need more micronutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese or magnesium, be sure to check out our blog: Are Micronutrients Missing From Your Lawn Care Program? If you want to learn more about balancing your nitrogen levels out in your soil, read more in Why is Carbon Important to Your Lawn? Lastly, Sod University recommends the Lawnifi™ Fertilizer Annual Subscription program for your lawn. You can read more about our choice of fertilizers at Granular vs. Liquid Fertilizers or by visiting

FOLEY, Ala. (WPMI) — Foley-based AgriTech Corp. is the national runner-up in Lowe’s pitch competition called “Making it with Lowe’s.” The competition focused on small businesses owned by under-represented communities. In this case, AgriTech Corp. is run by a female CEO. The company’s product uses technology to help solve homeowners’ headaches with their lawn or garden.

It’s called SoilKit. Homeowners send off soil samples, a lab analyzes them, and the lab uploads results to the website. Homeowners are then given an action plan and a shopping list.

“We empower the homeowner and say, ‘This is how you can make it better,’ ” said AgriTech Corp. CEO Christina Woerner McInnis.

The fifth-generation farmer says despite homeowners spending on average $500 a year on their lawn, a majority still aren’t happy with the results. She says their product not only gets to the root of the problem, but it also promises to help with a growing environmental issue.

“We’ve had the largest dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico we’ve ever had in history. They’re attributing it to multiple things, but one of it is fertilizer abuse. There is runoff simply because people do not have the knowledge to do it correctly,” said McInnis.

The entrepreneur learned about Lowe’s pitch competition two days after Hurricane Sally hit. With three trees on her home and no power or internet, she began working on her application. Lowe’s received more than 1,300 of them. SoilKit finished second in the nationwide competition. McInnis says the Lowe’s team has served as a mentor and offered its expertise by helping her improve things like packaging and marketing. It will soon help her sell her products nationwide.

“I appreciate the attention to detail they did to this to select companies who normally wouldn’t ever be noticed on a national scale, ” said McInnis.

McInnis expects SoilKit to be on Lowe’s store shelves regionally soon and nationwide by the end of the year.

BFG Supply
Soil testing platform now available to BFG Supply retailers in 26 states

Foley, Alabama – December 8 – Agricultural data processing and technology software company AgriTech Corp. announced today that landscape and gardening distributor BFG Supply Co. would begin carrying its flagship product SoilKit, an online soil testing platform.

SoilKit, which launched in early 2020, has begun to appear in brick-and-mortar stores across the country, and the product’s distribution across BFG Supply’s selling footprint of 26 states is its latest expansion. Retailers across the Midwest and Eastern US are now able to order and offer SoilKits to consumers in their stores.

“BFG Supply is very excited to offer SoilKit to our customer base and we believe it fills a void in the soil testing category,” said BFG lawn and garden category manager Shawn Parsons. “By offering consumers a professional soil analysis with a list of recommended products that are customized to the products found in their local garden center, SoilKit adds real value by supporting consumers and their local independent retailers. ”

Whereas traditional soil testing involves trips to a county extension office, unexpected shipping fees, and interpreting complicated test results, SoilKit gives access to the same lab-based chemical analysis as the largest and most advanced farms in the country with added accessibility: SoilKit’s technology interprets your plot’s unique soil chemistry and recommends amendments to increase growth, health and resilience in whatever you’re growing. As part of its partnership with BFG Supply, SoilKit recommends specific nutrients and fertilizers supplied by BFG locations to ensure customers always find what they’re looking for at their home garden center.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the BFG family now,” said SoilKit founder Christina Woerner McInnis. “We love what they’re doing for landscapers, gardeners, and growers and I’m delighted they believe in providing accessible soil testing for everyone. With BFG’s distribution, we’re able to help even more people grow the lawn and garden of their dreams.”

– via Business Alabama

About AgriTech Corp.
AgriTech Corp. is an agricultural data processing and technology software company based in Foley, Alabama. The company’s flagship lab-based soil testing platform, SoilKit, offers consumers and landscapers an easy-to-use mobile application for soil sample collection and registration using satellite technology and scanning tools. Lab results are usually available within 48 hours of receipt at the lab after being processed through the company’s proprietary algorithm and delivered digitally. The analysis generates specific soil amendment product and quantity recommendations to ameliorate soil deficiencies. The soil testing data and recommendations are stored and made available to partners for a variety of purposes beyond the immediate purpose of improving soil health. The result is a seamless collection and analysis process with simplified results, producing better lawn and garden outcomes and fewer environmental issues.

We are so proud that Auburn University is joining the family with an officially licensed Auburn Soil Test Kit. We are looking forward to watching this partnership grow.


A healthy lawn or garden starts with healthy soil.

Each SoilKit comes with a soil sample bag, pre-paid lab process fee, and a return stamped envelope for mailing your soil sample to the lab.

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