NEW! Carbon Meter

AgriTech is developing a carbon meter to calculate and track how much carbon can be stored in your lawn!

Did you know a healthy lawn can produce the oxygen needs for a family of four?!

Photosynthesis and respiration are the best natural systems for using and storing carbon in a form that does not contribute to climate change.  

      What actions can you take today?

Limiting tilling, leaving mowed grass clippings, minimizing soil disturbance, and most importantly, testing your soil and monitoring your organic matter growth.  These are all great ways to contribute to environmentally healthy lawn practices!

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Soil contains more than FOUR TIMES the amount of carbon than all vegetation combined, and we feel it is imperative we do our part as homeowners and prioritize soil health. Healthy soil is the best thing to mitigate the effects of climate change and protect your investment in your lawn or garden!

      We encourage you to participate and share our positive efforts toward climate change with our special carbon stickers*!

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Help us educate people about the power of healthy soil and a productive lawn or garden and make a difference one user at a time!

*Stay tuned on how to get your sticker!


A healthy lawn or garden starts with healthy soil.

Each SoilKit comes with a soil sample bag, pre-paid lab process fee, and a return stamped envelope for mailing your soil sample to the lab.

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