VP Product Management

The VP of Product will lead our efforts to create, collect, and synthesize the vision of our soil testing technology platform. You will need to interact with all stakeholders (current customers and sales prospects) to collect product ideas; perform research to develop them; coordinate with the development team to implement them in a timely manner; then support the marketing and sales department in turning those features into sales. This is a creative position for someone with a broad view of the agriculture and/or the technology marketplace who can drive the future of the technology and, as a consequence, the business.

Requirements • BA or BS degree • 5-7 years’ experience at a software company • Proven ability to interact with customers and prospects to define short-term, and long-term product-based needs • Skills in researching, evaluating, and presenting market requirements • Excellent analytical skills to develop insightful competitive analysis • The ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams – Marketing, Engineering and Sales • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Experience in big data, AI, or ML a big plus

Specific responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

• Understanding company goals and defining product strategy to guide the product roadmap with long-term and short-term objectives and timelines • Collect feature ideas from company stakeholders, competitors, and customers/prospects • Convert long-term vision into product requirements and functionality – formulating, documenting, and communicating tactical, actionable requirements for product development • Ensuring consistent implementation of UI/UX vision across all releases • Drive the weekly product review committee where features are evaluated and prioritized • Work with engineering team to compose feature roadmap items into releases and develop and track delivery schedules • Assist marketing and sales to help construct proper feature messaging • Assimilate feature ideas and perform market research to assess demand • Perform regular competitive analysis in the marketplace to keep up with competitors and competing techniques and for new product ideas • Meet with investors to provide an overview of the market and the roadmap for the product.


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