You've never known your lawn or garden better.

We provide everything you need to do a soil sample and receive expert lab reports you can understand and recommendations to keep your lawn & garden healthy.

Everything you need to collect a soil sample is included.
Mail in your collected sample in the pre-paid mailing envelope.
Our leading national agriculture lab will test your soil.
Lab results and treatment recommendations are delivered to you.

Soil Kit provides all the supplies needed for a quick and easy soil collection. Your soil will be tested by one of the nation's leading agricultural labs. We will process the lab report and provide easy to understand results with soil treatment recommendations to keep your lawn and garden healthy.

What's Inside

Why Soil Kit?

It's quick & easy
We not only provide everything needed to collect a soil sample, we also tell you exactly what your soil needs to grow a healthy lawn and garden.
No more guessing
Don’t assume you know the health of your soil. We have chosen a leading national agricultural lab to ensure scientific results.
Results you can understand
Let our team of experts help you decipher the science to help you understand the results.
Treatment recommendations
If your soil has problems, we provide product solutions.

Lab results you can understand with suggestions to keep your lawn and garden healthy.

Scientific results can be hard to understand. Collecting an easy soil sample is only half of the benefit of using Soil Kit. We take those confusing numbers and turn them into a simple report. You'll receive the lab's soil report, but you'll also receive a simple overview and actual product recommendations from our soil experts.
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