SoilKit® keeps your lawn and garden healthy

Get to know your lawn or garden better than ever before! SoilKit® provides everything you need to take a successful soil sample. Then you will receive lab reports that are easy to understand and lastly, get recommendations to keep your lawn and garden healthy.

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A Shout Out To Small Business Success

The following was published as “Success On A Small Scale In Baldwin” by the Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance as part of their recent Talent Attraction brand launch. ——————- Meet Christina Woerner McInnis, a visionary fifth-generation farmer and the mind behind AgriTech Corp. located in Baldwin County. Her journey began in 2017 when her father…

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The Seasons of Life

I am an avid bird watcher.  My yard is full of all kinds of birds, and I am always scouring the trees and nooks to check in on all my momma birds and their babies.  This spring I was working in my yard to get ready for green spring up and I had the pleasure…

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Farm Bill Roundtable Event

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), “The United States addresses agricultural and food policy through a variety of programs, including nutrition assistance, crop insurance, commodity support, and conservation. Much of the legal framework for agricultural and food policy is set through a legislative process that occurs approximately every 5 years. The current…

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The Importance of Earthworms In Soil Health

Earthworms: these slimy critters get a bad rep, but they can be crucial to healthy soil. Earthworms purify the soil, making a more fertile land for plant growth. Their activities also enhance nutrient availability and aid in drainage, SoilKit spoke with Doug Jacobs, an earthworm raiser in Baldwin County, AL to understand the impact earthworms…

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