Nitrogen is a central ingredient for optimal plant growth and applying the right amount of fertilizer will provide the fuel your lawn needs to thrive. So if it’s so important, then why is it not truly “tested” in a SoilKit soil test? Nitrogen’s very volatile nature makes it a moving target so we utilize a number of more stable factors to evaluate your needs and provide an expert assessment. And why are we making this available to consumers at no charge? To introduce everyone to the science of SoilKit, that’s why.


Our on-line Nitrogen tool leverages proven guidelines and research to tailor nitrogen recommendations for lawns, just as national agricultural laboratories and land grant universities do. We lead you through a series of questions regarding your lawn, guaranteeing that you receive an accurate estimate suited to your lawn’s specific nitrogen needs. 

Your lawn’s success starts here! See below to learn more about this vital element or to get started on your free nitrogen assessment. NOTE: This assessment is included in the SoilKit365 analysis provided via the registration of a SoilKit and submission of a test sample.