At first I was skeptical on how this product would work with my lawn situation. I have spent too much time and money for the results I was getting. I won a SoilKit off of Facebook, followed the instructions, and received my results in a few days. I was able to purchase my personalized product recommendations and apply my first treatment. My results were amazing! My grass was so green!! Not only were my spots and troubled areas filled, but it was with full and luscious green grass. I still can’t believe how green my yard is! I never imagined my yard could actually look this good!! This product works!!!!!

This product works!!!!!Donna Thomas, Matthews, North Carolina

I used SoilKit and found my soil to be deficient in iron. Within 48 hours of applying the recommended products, I saw a difference. Great product and highly recommend.

I saw a differenceCheryl, Windsor, NC

I’ve got thousands tied up in my grass and I simply look at this as a good insurance policy. This kit provided me with recommendations that my brother who’s a landscaper agreed with too

I’ve got thousands tied up in my grassVerified User

I decided to try these guys out and I was pleasantly surprised. The results I got back made it easy to get custom fertilizer for my lawn. So far so good!

I was pleasantly surprisedVerified User

I ordered a kit to do my lawn because it’s having problems and I just want it to look as good as my neighbors grass – haha! Collecting dirt and registering the kit have been pretty self-explanatory, so far. My results came way faster than I expected and they make it easy to buy what I need for my yard. Pretty nifty product especially if it works and my neighbor gets jealous.

My neighbor gets jealousVerified User

I just moved to a new area, and am planning to start my own garden. Not just a “hobby”, I will be depending on the success of my crops. The best think you can do is know what kind of soil you are dealing with. This company has their own lab. and are “professionals”. I collected the soil as instructed – it is an extremely simple process – and mailed it on the pre-paid envelope. In less than 2 weeks, I had my results online and printable, along with recommendations for amendments. WORTH EVERY PENNY – if you are serious about your garden. I highly recommend purchasing this soil test kit.

Not just a hobbyDiane

Fantastic quality. Instead of guessing, now I know what to put down, how much and when.

Fantastic qualityVickie

I bought this SoilKit because I thought it looked very easy to do, and it was got my results back in about five days and it gave me a prescription for my lawn. It was awesome!

Looked very easy to doH. Sue

I cannot say enough good things about our experience with I am so grateful they were recommended to us. I originally got our soil tested from the University of Florida and you almost need a PhD to understand their report. There were pages of information and no practical advice. was different. Christina spent a lot of time talking to me on the phone. The report was comprehensive, yet easy to understand. Christina even put me in touch with someone in my area who could sell us the products we needed. We are hopeful that our lawn will look better soon. Wish we would have found sooner!

Our experience with SoilKitStephanie, Florida

SoilKit is very easy to use with helpful customer service. My results are simple to read and tell me exactly which plot needs what products and how much to use. This was a whole lot better experience than using the normal state soil test.

Easy to use with helpful customer service.David, Mississippi