John Buckner joined AgriTech Corp. in January of 2020 as its Chief Operating Officer to help guide and grow its soil testing technology platform, SoilKit. John brings more than 35 years of management experience to the team. Prior to joining AgriTech, John invested in and served as the COO of marketing SaaS vendor Pica9 where he helped double the business over a 10-year period working with major brands such as Marriott and Chick-Fil-A. He remains on the Pica9 Board of Directors.

Prior to joining Pica9, John founded and managed a successful consulting services practice dedicated to improving end-to-end technology solutions for banks, trust companies and broker/dealers. Without capital investment, he grew that business from a single consultant with one customer to more than 350 consultants, fifty customers and more than $30 million in revenues in less than ten years. After eight years, John sold his business for a premium to a publicly traded IT services company, from which he resigned in 2002 to pursue his interest in viticulture.

Interested in agriculture from a young age, John brings a passion to AgriTech and SoilKit unlike most seasoned managers in similar roles. A graduate of Princeton University and father of two teenagers, John brings leadership and practical technology application expertise to AgriTech’s dynamic and rapidly growing business.