Yvonne brings 30+ years of office administrative experience and a desire to continue learning into the SoilKit office. She has a BS in Business and Office Administration from Athens State University and a strong work ethic taught by two loving parents. She has worked in banking, property management, information technology, printing, and jewelry retail. This range of industries has provided her with skills and knowledge valuable in any office admin position. Her desire to learn new skills has served her well in these varying office situations. Having just moved to the Baldwin County area, Yvonne was looking for a suitable part-time position and AgriTech Corp was the answer. The company, being in its infancy, provided exactly the right challenge. As the company grew and needed more than she could offer, Yvonne was happy to step aside and allow for more suitable office management. Yvonne is happy that her skills and experience have allowed her to continue to remain a part of the AgriTech Corp family. She and her husband are enjoying their semi-retired life.They have two children and two grandchildren. They enjoy traveling to visit them as often as possible. She loves beach walks, small backyard gardening, music, crocheting, and sewing.