A year ago, SoilKit365 took the soil-testing experience to another level, with analysis and product support specifically customized to your needs. How could it improve, you ask? By plussing it up, that’s how.

SK365+ is a brand-new premium add-on to the SoilKit365 virtual platform. This upgrade is now available for both free nitrogen assessment and soil test* accounts and will elevate your entire lawn maintenance game. Just create a SoilKit365 account or log on to your dashboard, subscribe for the upgrade and it’s all right there:

  • Seasonal weather alerts with a real-time weather widget
  • Preventative & curative suggestions
  • Upcoming application reminders
  • Pre- & post-emergent suggestions
  • Growing zone designation
  • Moon phase & soil temperature indicators

Are you committed to the best lawn possible? For an annual subscription fee of just $9.99, you can fully unlock the science of SoilKit with the one-stop solution to all of your lawncare needs.

Plus up your SoilKit365 experience with the SK365+ premium lawn plan today.

*Annual fee includes up to 10 soil tests