Healthy lawns and gardens start with a scientific soil test—but you shouldn’t need an advanced degree to understand what your test means. That’s why your SoilKit results include both a detailed read-out of your soil’s composition plus an expert recommendation of the products you’ll need and the quantities of each. With that plan in hand, you can work with your garden center or online fertilizer store, confident that you’re on the way to success.

Arrive 48 hours after receipt at the lab, with expert advice based on your soil’s needs.

Will assess pH and 14 other attributes of your soil most vital for crop growth.

your sample in the pre-labeled envelope. Postage is already paid!

soil from 4 spots with a stainless steel trowel. See how in this video.

Your sample in seconds. Our tech can do most of the work for you.


A healthy lawn or garden starts with healthy soil.

Each SoilKit comes with a soil sample bag, pre-paid lab process fee, and a return stamped envelope for mailing your soil sample to the lab.

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