SoilKit® keeps your lawn and garden healthy

Get to know your lawn or garden better than ever before! SoilKit® provides everything you need to take a successful soil sample. Then you will receive lab reports that are easy to understand and lastly, get recommendations to keep your lawn and garden healthy.

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Foley, AL based AgriTech Corp. Announces Appointment of Greg Fehr as National Sales Manager:

Foley, Alabama – June 9, 2020 – AgriTech Corp announced today that it has appointed Greg Fehr as its new National Sales Manager. As part of AgriTech, Fehr will manage sales of SoilKit, a lab-based soil testing program for homeowners and landscapers which provides retailers with a valuable tool for increasing fertilizer sales, establishing professional…

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What Does the USDA Recommend For Soil Testing and Why?

The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that home and property owners conduct a professional, scientific, lab-based test of their soil annually. This should be done before application of fertilizers and soil amendments. Soil testing and scientific based treatment recommendations assure proper application of nutrients. At AgriTech Corp., the leading provider of automated easy-to-use soil…

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Florida’s Palm Tree Problem

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has spent nearly $28 million on landscaping along the new I-4 Ultimate roadway system. “FDOT is aware of the dead trees and blames the dirt,” according to I-4 Ultimate spokesman Dave Parks. I wonder what the baseline soil samples were? Did the project even include a baseline soil sample?…

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Woman Owned Certification

AgriTech Corp. announces they are now a Woman Owned Certified AlabamaCompany. Current CEO and shareholder, Christina Woerner McInnis, has joinedher sisters, Angela Woerner and Kimberly Woerner Bailey and their mother,Janice Woerner, as majority holding shareholders in AgriTech Corp.AgriTech Corp. is an agricultural-based software company that was founded onfarming principles and knowledge and married to complex…

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Grass Needs Sleep?

Every homeowner who has a lawn or garden, is a farmer. Farmers should know that every lawn needs food and nutrients, or fertilizer, water, sun and…..SLEEP. Take a look at the grass plot below. This Palisades Zoysia is planted in a common area in Orange Beach, Alabama. A passerby would not notice something that is…

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SoilKit: Nitrogen

Nitrogen Element in Soil Testing At AgriTech, we are often asked why we don’t test for nitrogen in our SoilKit™ testing program. It is obvious to even the lay agronomist that nitrogen is the first and heaviest element in a fertilizer analysis, and it’s probably the most important. Its value should be a major concern when…

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Working Remotely and Time at Home Not sure about you all but I am getting a lot of unexpected time at home and I amenjoying the bird singing, the crape myrtles blooming and getting the chance toget outside with the kids and get my yard spring ready. When I started the social distancing quarantine, my…

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