SoilKit® keeps your lawn and garden healthy

Get to know your lawn or garden better than ever before! SoilKit® provides everything you need to take a successful soil sample. Then you will receive lab reports that are easy to understand and lastly, get recommendations to keep your lawn and garden healthy.

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Looking Back on 2022

It is tough to believe 2022 is already coming to a close. As I look back on everything in 2022, I think of all the things I wanted to do this year that I did not get to do. So, I am adding a vanilla bean greenhouse to next year’s agenda. But as I reflect…

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Pollinators BEE Pollinating

  When you think of pollinators, do round, furry bumblebees come to mind? Bees are designed to pollinate! A bee’s buzz is a middle C tone the vibration of which helps to release thousands of pollen grains as it flies in and out of flowers. Any pollen that doesn’t get stuck to the bee can…

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Tree Health & Unexpected Visitors

This year’s Arbor Day fell on April 29, 2022. While I was reflecting on the importance of Arbor Day, Arbor Day Foundation, and trees, I was reminded of a particular tree in my yard in Orange Beach, Alabama, and an event that took place this spring. This particular tree, a water oak (Quercus nigra), was…

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SoilKit Attends World AgriTech Innovation Summit 2022 – San Francisco, CA

This was the first year SoilKit attended the World AgriTech Innovation Summit (WATIS).  According to WATIS’s website, “It’s been three years since we last gathered the agri-food community together in San Francisco, and we’re set for an explosion of ideas and opportunities when we reunite… Now in its 10th year, the World Agri-Tech Innovation…

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Spring, A New Season Has Arrived

Sunday was the first day of spring, and quite honestly it felt so much different from it has in years passed. Why? I think it is because we are now returning to our pre-COVID activities and back to the business of life.  As much as I complained about shelter-in-place and restrictions, I will forever appreciate…

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A Common Spring Pest: Burweed

Picture this: a beautiful spring afternoon stroll through a lucious, green lawn. Ironically, although this is characteristic of spring, the season also brings the pesky lawn burweed, sure to antagonize your leisure. According to Clemson University’s Extension Office, “lawn burweed (Soliva sessilis) is a winter annual that germinates throughout thin turf in the fall months…

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